The good conversation is at the heart of all good psychological treatment.

I give you individual therapy, which is the traditional therapy form. You meet for sessions on a regular basis, usually weekly.Treatment periods varies. Somebody's going to be in therapy five or ten hours. Others go into therapy that spans several years.

For some conditions, such as anxiety/phobia/compulsions, a more intensive and shorter treatment pereiod can work best.

I use different therapeutic approaches, and together we adapt the treatment according to the challenges you struggle with. For some conditions it is the conversation itself, the putting words on the hard, and the processing that is most important. For others, a more practical approach with homework assignments, exposure, and specific guidance on specific challenges can be the best.

The psychologist's secrecy and non-judicial attitude is an essential prerequisite to the creation of trust. The best contribution in a therapeutic process is when the psychologist invites to an open and true conversation in a safe environment, and gives you the experience of being listened to. I want to give you this experience.

My mission is to ask the important questions, which although they sometimes can be painful, are necessary for you to manage to look at yourself and your surroundings with a new eyes. It is only when you dare to confront the bad, that you can free yourself from the stalled situation and discover that life is full of new possibilities.

Together we find out what you need right now.

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